Munich (2005) directed by Steven Spielberg
Eric Bana as Avner and Geoffrey Rush as Ephraim

Ephraim: We have eleven Palestinian names. Each had a hand in planning Munich. You’re going to kill them, eleven men, one by one. They’re all in Europe now. You’ll stay there as long as it takes. Europe only, not the Arab countries. That’s for us, not you. Not Eastern Block. Don’t upset the Russians. Who needs it? You’ll have no contact with us.
Avner: You’re not going to give me any information?
Ephraim: We deposit from a fund that doesn’t exist into a box we don’t know about in a bank we never set foot in. We can’t help you because we never heard of you before. You’ll do what the terrorists do. You think they report back to home base? They don’t… We want them dead.

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  1. Maybe I should watch that again. I didn’t much like it the first time, even fell asleep for 10 minutes or so in part of it.

  2. Yeah, give it another shot. Have a double feature with Zodiac. Call it Jennybee’s Underwhelming Movie Night

  3. This is one I’ve always has some issues with, but I will admit it’s still a major effort from him. I am not prepared right now to get involved in a meaningful discourse, but hope others will initiate a discussion.

  4. I’m not ready for an argument either because I didn’t have time to rewatch it all the way through, but I’ve always admired this one.

  5. My main conclusion after watching “Munich”– somebody just let Spielberg direct a Bond movie already. Or, barring that, a Ray Harryhausen style version of the Oedipus story.

  6. You know, I was thinking as I watched the opening of this that all the material was there for a great straight-up spy thriller.

    I thought the same thing about The Debt actually.

  7. That might sum up my disatisfaction with a lot of Spielberg’s stuff, nowadays. Way back when in the days of “Duel”, “Jaws” and “Raiders”, he actually did a lot of great “straight-up” stuff, and didn’t adorn his movies with a whole lot of sentimental flourishes. Granted, those flourishes are probably much closer to his personal vision, but there’s something to be said for the journeyman in him.

  8. If he’d made a straight action movie out of Munich, he’d be getting the same criticism he got over War of the Worlds. As the most high profile of filmmakers, Spielberg is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

  9. Problem is there’s a lot of sentimental hogwash in WotW along with all the 9/11 helter skelter– it may be darker, but it’s miles away from the uncomplicated action beats he nailed in the past. “Jurassic Park” was the last flick he did which managed that balancing act. Everything else has taken itself too seriously by half, as far as the blockbuster stuff goes.

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