I was a little less enamored of Ti West’s 70s horror throwback The House of the Devil (2009) than some, but looking back it’s one of the highlights of a genre that has recently been frustratingly unoriginal. I haven’t seen his followup, The Innkeepers, yet but I’m eager to check it out as well as the upcoming Sundance debut of his found-footage co-directorial effort V/H/S.

After that (in addition to his segment of the horror anthology The ABC’s of Death) it looks like he’s recruited Liv Tyler for The Side Effect. She’ll play a woman who is sent into space alone as a pharmaceutical research test subject. When she returns home, she is mysteriously pregnant.

According to Deadline’s report, West says that while he’s still working within the horror genre, this film will be “much more psychological than any of my previous efforts.”

via: Deadline

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