The Hours (2002) directed by Stephen Daldry
Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf

Virginia: My life has been stolen from me. I’m living in a town I have no wish to live in. I’m living a life I have no wish to live. How did this happen? It is time for us to move back to London. I miss London. I miss London life.

4 Responses to “The Hours (2002) – Viriginia Woolf’s 130th Birthday”

  1. I loved The Hours when it first came out and was extremely moved by it because I could relate to it on a personal level for a couple of reasons at that time. I bought the used DVD at Amoeba in Hollywood. That was probably in 2004. It sat on the shelf at home until I mustered up the courage to watch it again last week. I still enjoyed it, but it didn’t affect me in the same way this time. I’m certain that this is a good thing. Still, great performances by Kidman, Streep (natch) and Moore. Ed Harris struck me as a little over-the-top this time. Maybe I’ll watch it again in another 8 years and see what goes.

  2. Funny because I saw it with you when it first came out (Arclight Hollywood!) and I hated it. I hated Ed Harris’ over-acting, I hated the little kid in the Juliane Moore scenes, and I hated the overbearing but award-winning score by Philip Glass, BUT when I watched it to grab this quote, I was quite taken by it. The acting, especially by Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman is excellent and Ed Harris was more restrained than I remember.

    All in all it was a nice surprise. I was sort of dreading watching it again.

  3. I recall admiring the film on its release for the acting of its three female leads and for its intelligence. I can’t even remember Ed Harris being in it so that says something about how quickly the film faded for me.

  4. I think if you watch it again, you’ll still be impressed by the three leads.

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