Every time Hugh Bonneville comes on screen in Downton Abbey, I think “Damn, I wish that guy was Colin Firth.”

Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen with this adaptation of Peter James’ crime novel Dead Simple the first in a popular series featuring Roy Grace (Bonneville), a detective with a taste for the supernatural whose own wife disappeared some years before. In this case, he’s investigating what appears to be a practical joke gone awry when the friends of a prankster turn the tables on him and bury him alive with the intention of letting him out a couple of hours later only to die themselves in an auto accident. Can Grace find the victim in time?

The Grace series was apparently headed for television at one time, but James got the rights back as the show stagnated in development hell.

Screen Daily further reports that Roman Polanski has “circled” Dead Simple, but they don’t say if that’s still the case.




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