Monty Python alum Terry Jones is directing the sci-fi farce mixing CGI and live action from a script he’s been developing for 20 years. Jones says it’s not a Monty Python picture but it “certainly has that sensibility.” Jones, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam and Eric Idle would voice a group of aliens who give an earthling absolute power just to see how badly he’ll muck everything up. There is also a talking dog named Dennis who seems to be the brightest of the lot. Palin, Cleese and Gilliam are apparently on board while producers are trying to get Idle.

Robin Williams meanwhile is in discussions to play a pompous Frenchman. Yes, this sounds very much Pythonesque, but then why wouldn’t it?

If it all happens, this would be the first time the surviving members of the comedy troupe have performed together since they appeared in a live show together in 1998 supposedly alongside the ashes Graham Chapman who passed on, was no more, ceased to be, expired, went to meet his maker, became a stiff, was bereft of life, rested in peace back in 1989.

via: Variety (firewall)

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  1. That stage appearance with the 5 surviving Pythons is pretty funny, by the way. Not a show exactly, but while it’s an interview there’s still a performance aspect to it.

    Also, Palin, Gilliam, and Jones all appeared in Idle’s oratorio “Not the Messiah (He’s a Very Naughty Boy)” at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago, which is worth checking out if you’re a fan. Cleese, of course, was the holdout. Guy will make all kinds of non-Python crap, but he can’t be bothered with his old mates. Ah well.

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