Directors Martin Scorsese, Alexander Payne, Michel Hazanavicius and David Fincher attend
the 64th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards Meet the Nominees Breakfast
held at the DGA on January 28, 2012 in Hollywood, California.
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DGA)

In a turn of events that surprised absolutely no one, Michel Hazanavicius won the Directors Guild of America’s Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film Award during the DGA dinner Saturday night at Wolfgang Puck’s Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland.

Here is the complete list of the evening’s winners:

  • Feature Film: Michel HazanaviciusThe Artist
  • Documentary: James MarshProject Nim
  • Movies for Television and Mini-Series: Jon CassarThe Kennedys
  • Dramatic Series: Patty JenkinsThe Killing, “Pilot”
  • Comedy Series: Robert B. WeideCurb Your Enthusiasm, “Palestinian Chicken”
  • Musical Variety: Glenn Weiss65th Annual Tony Awards
  • Reality Programs: Neil P. DeGrootBiggest Loser, “Episode #1115”
  • Commericals: Noam MurroHandlebar Moustache (Hieneken Premium Light), Hot House (DirecTV), Pinata (Volkswagen Tiguan), Is it Real? (EA Battlefield 3)
  • Daytime Serials: William LudelGeneral Hospital
  • Children’s Programs: Amy SchatzA Child’s Garden of Poetry

I was going to add commentary, but what is there really to say at this point? It’s The King’s Speech all over again. On the bright side, I’m 1 for 1 on guild predictions so far!

7 Responses to “The 2012 DGA Awards: Harvey Weinst… er Michel Hazanavicius”

  1. Really, really pleased to see Curb Your Enthusiasm winning for one of the best episodes they have done in years. I hope Larry David gets a Emmy nomination for this episode.

    As for Feature Film, Midnight In Paris should have won. I think I’ll try and see The Artist in a week or two.

  2. Scorsese: Woody, you lucky s.o.b. you left me here next to this %&$*# French, and i have to smile too!
    Payne: I am prettier than Clooney…yes i am!
    Hazanavicius: I ‘d like to thank the Academy….oh! wrong ceremony!
    Fincher: Ok, guys. You grab him from his feet and I….

  3. Of the five nominees, Michel Hazanavicius was the one who deserved to win.

    Justice was served. Hallelujah!

    Loved your dialogue, Minas!!!!

  4. Thanks Sam! Unfortunately i can’t form an opinion because i haven’t seen yet HUGO and THE ARTIST :( However, in any case, this win seals the deal for the latter.

  5. All I can say Sam is that the DGA agrees with you.

    Rodrigo, I haven’t seen Curb for years, but I was glad to see it make it in there too. I was less glad about The Killing beating 4 other better shows. On the other hand, Jenkins’ pilot episode was good enough it kept me watching that show to the end in the hope that the cliff it drove off of in the middle was just an aberration and it would return to its early promise. It didn’t, but that’s not Patty Jenkins’ fault.

  6. Haha, Minas. Fincher’s totally got that look like “Come on you guys. You know you’re not going to give it to me. You just invited me here to rub in LAST year.”

  7. He wants to do ANYTHING else but this, that’s true!!

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