Harold and Maude (1971) directed by Hal Ashby
Eric Christmas as the priest and Ruth Gordon as Maude

Priest: Were you not the lady who drove my car off yesterday?
Maude: Was that the one with the Saint Christopher medal on the dashboard?
Priest: Yes.
Maude: Then I suppose it was me. Get in Harold.
Priest: Were you also the one who painted the saint?
Maude: Oh yes. How did you like that?
Priest: Well, I didn’t.
Maude: Oh, don’t be too discouraged. For aesthetic appreciation, always a little time.

5 Responses to “Harold and Maude (1971)”

  1. This film is often in my Desert Island list.

  2. I LOVE this movie.

  3. You can borrow my desert island copy anytime.

  4. Save me a seat on that island.

  5. There’s always room for fans of Maude :)

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