As it is with the previously announced with the remake of Rebecca, the party line on this one will be that they’re not really remaking Hitchcock’s film, but going back to the orginal source novel Before the Fact by Anthony Berkeley.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that there’s room for a new version of Suspicion. Even Hitchcock found the original problematic because the studio mandated significant changes in the plot to better suit Cary Grant’s movie star image that totally alter the whole framework of the novel.

More problematic is that the new version is being written by Veena Sud, best known as the showrunner for AMC’s boring and silly The Killing. Itself a remake of the Danish TV crime thriller Forbrydelsen, The Killing started out promisingly before spinning its wheels in mediocrity. Here’s hoping Suspicion turns out better.

via: THR

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