Blahdy Blah, no film has won an Oscar without an ACE Eddie nomination since Ordinary People, blah blah blah, and 8 ACE Eddie winners have gone on to win the Oscar since 2000, yadda yadda yadda. That’s all well and good, but we all already know The Artist is going to win so just wake me when it’s all over.

  • Feature Film (Dramatic): The Descendants, Kevin Tent, A.C.E.
  • Feature Film (Comedy/Musical): The Artist, Anne-Sophie Bion & Michel Hazanavicius
  • Documentary: Freedom Riders, Lewis Erskine & Aljernon Tunsil
  • Animated Feature Film: Rango, Craig Wood, A.C.E.
  • Half-Hour Television Series: Curb Your Enthusiasm – “Palestinian Chicken,” Steven Rasch, A.C.E.
  • One-Hour Commerical Television Series: Breaking Bad – “Face Off,” Skip MacDonald
  • One-Hour Non-Commercial Television Series: Homeland – “Pilot,” Jordan Goldman & David Latham
  • Miniseries or Television Motion Picture: Cinema Verite, Sarah Flack, A.C.E. & Robert Pulcini
  • Reality Series: Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations – “Haiti,” Eric Lasby
  • Student Competition: Eric Kench – Video Symphony


4 Responses to “ACE Eddie Awards: The Descendants, The Artist”

  1. blah blah blah yadda yadda ya. I share your indifference to The Academy’s awards season.

  2. Come Oscar time, the award for Editing, Original Scr. will be crucial. If the ARTIST wins, then it’s a sweep. If not, then the ARTIST will be this year’s CHICAGO. I love the Oscars because i see them as a GAME and only a game. It’s not a reward of quality. You can’t take seriously an Academy that chose Oliver over 2001, but you will still enjoy it.

  3. I hadn’t noticed how they make a distinction between “commercial” and “non-commercial” television series. It splits off the pay cable shows from everything else, which opens the field somewhat, and it actually makes sense. Editing for each is completely different. And they rewarded two of the best edited TV series from this past year. I would have gone with GoT over Homeland, but Homeland is a worthy contender. Breaking Bad is simply the best edited television series on TV.

  4. Sartre, nevertheless you ought to take a peek at The Artist. It’s better than 4 nominees (The Help, Extremely Loud, The Descendants, Moneyball) but not as good as the 4 best ones (Tree of Life, Midnight in Paris, War Horse, Hugo), but it’s worth checking out.

    Minas, I’d have an easier time enjoying them if they more consistently made more interesting choices. As enjoyable as it is, I think The Artist will join last year’s The King’s Speech as movies we stop thinking about 10 minutes after the awards are announced and never need to see again. Having said all that, I’m hoping for one or two juicy surprises this year like say Terence Malick winning for Best Director instead of Hazanavicius.

    Joel, I’m glad they spit it too since you’re right, the two formats really are different if for no other reason than that commercial TV obviously needs to be cut together with built in breaks. Also, anything that gives Breaking Bad a chance to shine is ok with me.

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