Though the official member rolls of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are a closely guarded secret, the LA Times supposedly identified 5,100 of the 5,765 voters and they’ve compiled some facts and figures that pretty much fall in line with what most people already believed: A majority of voters are rich, white, old men. This is neither really surprising nor controversial when you consider that these are the same people who hold the reigns of power in every aspect of our lives.

Nevertheless, here’s a breakdown of the more interesting AMPAS figures:

  • 94% White
  • 77% Male
  • 54% Over 60 (36% 40-59, 2% under 40)
  • Median age 62

There are no income figures, but looking at a distribution map of voters in Los Angeles, the highest concentrations run in a narrow, wealthy strip from Malibu through Santa Monica and Bevery Hills to the hills above Hollywood.

Other interesting factoids: While Woody Allen has consistently turned down offers of membership, the Academy includes such dubious figures as Eric Estrada (TV’s CHiPs), Lorenzo Lamas (TV’s Falcon Crest) and Meat Loaf.

Hey, at least Estrada isn’t a white guy!

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