There’s a real chance none of the below will be enough to get you into a movie theater this weekend, so by all means hit the Now Playing page with a longer list of interesting possibilities.

  • Act of Valor. The drawing card of this action pic about a team of Navy SEALS is that it stars a real team of active Navy SEALS. It’s kind of a brilliant if unsettling fusion of Hollywood fantasy and military advertisement and if the acting and story are terrible, I doubt the target recruits er… audience will much care. (Wide)
  • Wanderlust. David Wain, the writer/director behind cult fav Wet Hot American Summer, rounds up Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston as a couple of stressed Manhattanites who get downsized out of their comfy material lifestyle and wind up at a commune of nudists. You’re laughing just thinking about it, right? No? You’re not? Yeah, I know, but Wain at least has a knack for taking cliche’d high-concept material and putting an interesting spin on it, so maybe it’s better than the marketing would have you believe. (Wide)
  • Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds. Meet Craig Kennedy’s Not Giving a Shit. (Wide)

  • Gone. At last. A one word answer to the question “Where is my enthusiasm for Amanda Seyfried’s career?” Between Nine Lives (2005) and the underrated Chloe (2009), she seemed like an actress worth watching, but then came Dear John, Letters to Juliet, Red Riding Hood and In Time in the course of two years. Now this year kicks off with another crummy looking thriller. She plays a woman who believes her sister has been abducted by the same serial killer from whom she herself had escaped the year before. (Wide)
  • The Fairy. Writer/director/producers Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon and Bruno Romy (Rumba) return with another whimsical, gently comic and mostly dialogue-free riff on Jacques Tati. This time, a simple hotel clerk (Abel) falls in love with a fairy (Gordon) who grants him three wishes. (NY)
  • The Forgiveness of Blood. From Maria Full of Grace director Joshua Marston comes this story of an Albanian blood feud. When a land dispute leads to murder, ancient code of law dictates that justice means balancing one death with another. With his elders in jail or hiding, an innocent young teenager becomes the object of revenge. (NY, LA)
  • Tomorrow When the War Began. When an unnamed foreign military invades their small town, a band of Australian teenagers goes all Red Dawn on the motherfuckers. Instead of Wolverines, it’s what… Dingoes? (Limited)

4 Responses to “A Good Weekend to Organize Your Closets or Reshingle the Roof”

  1. Oh boy it is really a trashy week, and one that may have been planned, what with the Oscar show on tap. I wonder. I’ve been busy with a William Wellman Festival in Manhattan, so I can at least say I am not missing anything by sticking with that in it’s final week.

    Marston’s film though, would appear to be the lone exception though. Perhaps the Tati riff as well?

  2. The Fairy’s reviews so far are universally positive, but if you look closely, none of them are ecstatic. I think it’ll depend on taste. The movie to me sounds kind of obnoxious and unbearable, but I can see how people would be charmed by it.

    I think in general this has been an excellent couple of months to stay away from the theaters. There have been a few notable exceptions at the art house, but as far as wide releases it’s a typically slow start to the movie year.

  3. I haven’t seen a 2012 release yet. Haywire hasn’t arrived to my country. :(

    Out of these, I’d check The Fairy and Wanderlust (lol) if I could.

  4. THE FAIRY is strong but not quite as good as their last film, RUMBA.

    GOOD DEEDS is actually very good. I think it proves Perry as a serious filmmaker. After this and FOR COLORED GIRLS, I think it’s time to start making the case for the man as an auteur. He may work within a specific formula, but no one knows his audience like he does and he is very good at what he does. He’s so much more than just a clown in a wig.

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