Once a happy and more raucous alternative to Oscar, The Independent Spirit Awards have now completely capitulated to trying to be just like them. With a few bright spots, this is the absolute nadir of this group of awards since I’ve been paying attention to it. It’s the People’s Choice Awards for LA movie nerds. Thank god I didn’t bother to watch the show.

  • Feature: The Artist
  • Director: Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist
  • Screenplay: The Descendants
  • First Feature: Margin Call
  • First Screenplay: 50/50
  • John Cassavetes Award: Pariah
  • Female Lead: Michelle Williams, My Week with Mrilyn
  • Male Lead: Jean Dujardin, The Artist
  • Supporting Female: Shailene Woodley, TheDescendants
  • Supporting Male: Christopher Plummer, Beginners
  • Cinematography: The Artist
  • Documentary: The Interrupters
  • International Film: A Separation
  • Piaget Producer Award: Sophia Lin, Take Shelter
  • Someone to Watch Award: Mark Jackson, Without
  • Truer Than Fiction Award: Heather Courtney, Where Soldiers Come From
  • Robert Altman Award: Margin Call


3 Responses to “Your Grandmother Takes over The Independent Spirit Awards, Gives Oscar an Unseemly Lap Dance”

  1. Here for Woodley winning Supporting Female. Wished she was nominated at the Oscars instead of Clooney.

    Should The Artist win, it would be the second time Oscar and Spirit Awards match in Best Picture. Hoping for Hugo, though.

    It seems like this year, every award has at least more than 5 fuck-ups in rewarding winners and the snubbing varies.

  2. Nice title, Craig. xD I can’t believe they won so much – and so few of which I voted for actually won. LOL Also, Margin Call. yuck.

    ALSO! Great that you loved Chico & Rita as much as I did. And… we also got a review for Arrietty from when it was released in Japan.

  3. Wow. I am happy to see Where Soldiers Come From get some attention.

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