Well, that’s that then. We’ve been talking about Oscar for like six months now and personally I’m about all talked out about it. So here are the winners:

  • Picture: The Artist
  • Director: Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist
  • Actor: Jean Dujardin, The Artist
  • Actress: Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady
  • Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, Beginners
  • Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer, The Help
  • Foreign: A Separation
  • Animated: Rango
  • Documentary: Undefeated
  • Original Screenplay: Midnight in Paris
  • Adapted Screenplay: The Descendants
  • Cinematography: Hugo
  • Editing: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Score: The Artist
  • Song: “Man or a Muppet,” The Muppets
  • Live Action Short: The Shore
  • Documentary Short: Saving Face
  • Animated Short: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
  • Art Direction: Hugo
  • Costumes: The Artist
  • Visual Effects: Hugo
  • Makeup: The Iron Lady
  • Sound Mixing: Hugo
  • Sound Editing: Hugo

That’s all from my end this week. Now it’s your turn. If you’ve had any interesting movie-related adventures in the last week, lay it on me in the comments section.

16 Responses to “Oscarcooler”

  1. Dragon Tattoo winning an Oscar (even if it was a technical award) was actually surprising. The rest of the categories, not so much.

    Scorsese and Hugo were robbed. But you already know that.

    Descendants winning Adapted Screenplay pissed me off. But then seeing Midnight in Paris win Original Screenplay made me smile.

    Billy Crystal as a host, meh. I hope the Oscars gives Chris Rock another chance. Dude was funny in his few minutes of screentime.

  2. Congrats to Meryl and Spencer! Congrats to Plummer! Congrats to Hugo for all those technical wins! Congrats to A Separation! Congrats to Woody for the screenwriting win!

    I agree: Dragon Tattoo was a welcome surprise. Billy Crystal was fairly awful. The entire production was meh. But enough of that, on with 2012!

  3. I hope they get Billy Crystal again next year. He reminded me why he’s the best modern Oscar host (along with Steve Martin). He’s classy and quick on his feet. When the Oscars try to be edgy they end up falling flat on their face. Rock was funny tonight, not so much when he was host. He’s funny in small doses but not stretched out over the entire night. I thought Crystal struck just the right tone and kept the show moving along at a nice clip.

  4. I didn’t mind Crystal as a host. They had way worse.

    I’m glad Allen won! And he didn’t even bothered to show up :D One would think that he would for the Oscars but I guess that he prefers being faithful to his own views on awards. Does anyone know when did he stopped going to award shows?

    That aside, I wouldn’t have picked a number of the winners if the Oscars were mine to give but I guess that I just don’t have enough in common with the Academy to appreciate their choices.

    It was kind of sad for Marty. He was sitting there, with people thanking him and it was showing on his face – “I know they aren’t giving me the Oscar this year…”

  5. Billy Crystal is best equipped to do this show, and just about everyone in attendance at my Oscar party (at least 50% bonafide Oscar haters who come for the talk and the food) thought he was the night’s one “star.”

    THE ARTIST’s win, though thrilling was really a certification of what most of the critics groups, the Cesars, the BAFTA’s, the Globes and the Spirits have said earlier.

    It’s won anything and everything, everywhere. It’s a truly great film and is deserving of it’s awards, and can never really, in an exclusive sense be ever referred to as an “Oscar” film.

    I preferred Streep to Davis for sure.

    Cinematography seemed to be the one major upset.

    Thrilled too to see A SEPARATION prevail.

  6. Oh, and yes the DRAGON TATTOO win for Best Editing, was obviously a surprise.

    I was very happy to see Ludovic Bource win for his lovely score to THE ARTIST, expected as it was.

  7. Shocked, I tells ya, shocked to see Streep win . . . but THRILLED! She deserved the win, full stop. I wish she’d won for “Doubt” but she was wonderful in “The Iron Lady.” I still think Michelle Williams gave the best performance of the five, but Streep came damn close.

    Overjoyed with Dujardin’s triumph (and all the well-deserved awards for “The Artist”) and very happy with Spencer’s win (I thought McTeer was better, but Spencer owned the Minnie character and was the film’s soul).

    I only wish Max Von Sydow would have pulled an upset but I can’t really be mad at Mr. Plummer. He gave a very charming performance in “Beginners” and I guess it was his time, as they say.

    Kind of indifferent to Billy Crystal. He made some pretty weird jokes (I won’t go as far as calling them offensive but definitely awkward). I will say this: the awards moved at a very nice pace and I barely glanced at the clock, so credit goes to Grazer for that.

  8. Crystal’s attempt at a racist joke after he said he loved The Help fell flat IMO.

    Piro, the one time Allen showed up for the Oscars was because of his love for New York (the city was still hurting after 9/11). Something drastic would need to happen again in order to have him showing up at the Oscars.

  9. Racist? Oh please.

  10. Yeah, this was pretty meh for the most part. But Streep was a surprise to me, too.

  11. You know it’s a pretty blah year when Meryl Streep putting on an accent and old age makeup to play a real person constitutes an upset. Demian Bichir? That would’ve been an upset.

  12. Didn’t see the show. Couldn’t work up the enthusiasm and was busy with work – it being on a Monday our time. I hadn’t seen many of the nominated films (though the choices from afar seemed safe) which increased my sense of estrangement from the event. I was happy to learn that a film of A Separation’s quality won an Oscar and sorry that ToL missed out on cinematography (never held out any hope of Malick winning Best Director). Oscar is losing its luster for me. Maybe I’ll eventually rediscover it when a film or performance I feel passionately about has a genuine prospect of winning.

  13. 1. The Artist is the ONLY pic to win Cesar, Bafta and Oscar. Hazanavicius is the second director to win all 3 in a year after Polanski.
    2. When you have John Williams in one of the best scores of his career (Tintin) you just don’t give the award to ANYONE else. But that’s just me.
    3. Oscar 2012 prediction: The BP will have as its title a surname.

  14. My horses won in the two categories I really cared about: Original Screenplay and Animated Short. Hugo did some nice business and I liked the surprise win for Dragon Tattoo. I can live with the rest of it. Viola’s speech was gonna make me cry, but hard to begrudge a win for The Streep.

    No other movie updates for me lately. I start a new job in Little Rock Monday, so it’s been all work- and move-related craziness lately. On the upside, once the dust settles, I should have better access to some better films.

    Cheers to you all. Hope to catch up with this site and the film world before too long. Always so much great stuff to read and respond to here, not to mention the films I want to see.

  15. I saw a 35 mm print of Double Indemnity last night. The print was somewhat worn and appeared a bit faded in certain reels, but it looked great on the big screen. I don’t think I will ever fully get past Fred McMurray as the Perfect Dad in My Three Sons, but man could he deliver a gotcha line with a smile and a swagger like few others. Barbara Stanwyck will always reign as one of the great femme fatales and Edward G Robinson is outstanding as always. I love his delivery, and a couple times I chuckled just recalling the way Looney Tunes used to parody him.

    It was fun to see this with an audience mixed with first-timers and diehard fans of the film. The first 20 minutes is a lot of tittering at the genre conventions and the dialogue, and then everyone slowly gets absorbed into the story and completely sucked in. One of the biggest laughs is McMurray noting that this amazing, massive Spanish-style mansion in the hills went for the princely sum of $30,000 15 years before the film. Ha! If only!

  16. Good luck with the move, jenny!

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