East of Eden (1955) directed by Elia Kazan from the novel by John Steinbeck
Julie Harris as Abra and James Dean as Cal Trask

Abra: Cal, can I ask you something?
Cal: Yeah, go ahead.
Abra: Well, these girls that you always go around with… you know, remember there was that little Mexican girl once? What are girls like that like? I mean, you don’t really love them, do you?
Cal: (shakes head)
Abra: Well then why do you go out with them? Is it because you’re bad? You’re not angry, are you?
Cal: (shakes head)
Abra: Well then, why do you then? Are you bad, Cal?
Cal: Do you think I’m bad?
Abra: I don’t know, because I guess I don’t know what is good and what’s bad. I mean, well Aron is so good and… and I’m not – not good enough for Aron anyway. I mean because sometimes when I’m with Aron… well Aron likes to talk about our being in love and think about it and that’s all right but… These girls that you go out with, do they… Well maybe I don’t know what love is exactly. I know love is good the way the way Aron says, but… but it’s more than that. It’s got to be.

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