The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World is turning 50. Of course the individual members are a good bit older than that. While there have been a number of documentaries about the band and several concert films, a truly comprehensive look at their history full of their music still needs to be done. Since the Stones themselves are executive producing this one, there ought to be plenty of music, but the question is whether it will be a warts and all look at the band’s ups and downs or will it be a nostalgic puff piece.

According to Brett Morgen (The Kid Stays in the Picture, On the Ropes, Chicago 10) who has been recruited to direct the doc, “For anyone who wants to experience the band, this is the film that will defy convention and create a sonic tapestry to transport viewers into the world of the Rolling Stones.”

That doesn’t exactly answer my question, but if I were a gambling man (and I am), I’d bet Mick and Keith and Charlie and Bill and Ronnie are all far enough removed from their past that they’ll be able to deal with it honestly.

Here’s hoping.

via: Deadline

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