All About Eve (1950) Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
George Sanders as Addison DeWitt and Anne Baxter as Eve Harrington

Addison: I have not come to New Haven to see the play, discuss your dreams or pull the ivy from the walls of Yale. I have come here to tell you that you will not marry Lloyd or anyone else for that matter because I will not permit it.
Eve: What have you got to do with it?
Addison: Everything, because after tonight, you will belong to me.
Eve: Belong? To you? I can’t believe my ears!
Addison: What a dull cliché.
Eve: Belong to you! Why, that sounds medieval, something out of an old melodrama!
Addison: So does the history of the world for the past twenty years. I don’t enjoy putting it as bluntly as this. Frankly, I’d hoped that somehow you would have known, that you would have taken it for granted that you and I…
Eve: Taken it for granted… that you… and I… (laughs)
Addison: (Slaps Eve) Now, remember as long as you live, never to laugh at me. At anything or anyone else, but never at me.
Eve: (Walks to the door and opens it) Get out!
Addison: You’re too short for that gesture. Besides, it went out with Mrs. Fiske.

4 Responses to “All About Eve (1950)”

  1. Excellent quote. Excellent scene. Excellent movie. George Sanders is so bitey! I think that’s the best kind of dialogue for him. *sigh* Another movie I need to watch again soon. The list is getting long!

  2. Such a great movie. I like the choice of scene too!

  3. One of American cinema’s most acerbic, brilliant screenplays, and a timeless classic that yields some of the greatest performances on record.

  4. George Sanders was made for this kind of thing. Yeah, I coulda gone with a juicy Bette Davis quote, but that would’ve been too easy. Besides, I love Sanders.

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