You Can Count On Me (2000) Written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan
Laura Linney as Sammy Prescott and Kenneth Lonergan as Father Ron.

Sammy: Anyway, I don’t know what the church’s official position is on fornication and adultery these days. I felt really hypocritical not saying anything to you about it before, so… what is the official position these days?
Ron: Well, it’s a sin.
Sammy: Good. I think it should be.
Ron: But we try not to focus on that aspect of it too much right off the bat.
Sammy: Why not?
Ron: Well…
Sammy: I think you should.
Ron: Well…
Sammy: I mean, maybe it was better when you came in here and they screamed at you for (lowers voice) having sex with your married boss. They told you what a terrible thing it was. They were really mean to you. Maybe it would be better if you told me I was endangering my immortal soul and that if I don’t quit, I’m gonna burn in hell… Don’t you ever think that?
Ron: Um… no.
Sammy: Well, it would be a lot better than all this “Why do you think you’re in this situation?” psychological bullshit you hear all the time.
Ron: Why do you think you’re in this situation?
Sammy: With which one?
Ron: All of them.
Sammy: I feel sorry for them… Isn’t that ridiculous?
Ron: (shrugs)

2 Responses to “You Can Count on Me (2000)”

  1. Nice to focus on Lonnergan here, what with last year’s fascinating MARGARET nearing a DVD release.

    But I’ve always liked this most perceptive debut film.

  2. You Can Count on Me holds up really well. Great performances all around.

    I hope Lonnergan wasn’t so traumatized by the experience of making Margaret that he stays away from movies altogether… or worse that no one will hire him.

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