She’s Gotta Have It (1986) Written and directed by Spike Lee
Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon and Tracy Camilla Jones as Nola Darling

Mars (talking on the phone): Yo. Happy birthday, Nola. It’s me, Mars.
Nola: (laughs) Thank you, but I’m sleeping.
Mars: Sleepin’? It’s your birthday, Nola! Let me ride my bike over there. In five minutes we can celebrate.
Nola: It is late. Come on. Call me in the morning. I’m really tired.
Mars: In the morning won’t be your birthday, Nola!
Nola: It’s not my birthday now if you noticed.
Mars: Nola.
Nola: What?
Mars: Nola.
Nola: What!?
Mars: Nola.
Nola: What.
Mars: Just let me smell it.
Nola: (laughs) You are ill.
Mars: Please baby, please baby, please baby, baby baby please!
Nola: Good night.
Mars: Good night? Wait, wait, wait a minute. Is Jamie there?
Nola: (Hangs up)
Mars: Fuck that girl. (dials)
Female Voice: What up?
Mars: Yo, Roxanne. What up? I been thinkin’ about you….

3 Responses to “She’s Gotta Have It (1986)”

  1. stilll one of the great debuts in my opinion. can’t wait to see “Red Hook Summer”

  2. One of the great debuts in a period in indie cinema that had a number of them. This was a fun one to revisit since I don’t think I’d watched it since the early 90s.

  3. I LOVE this movie. An incredible debut.

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