Victor Victoria (1982) Written and directed by Blake Edwards
Julia Andrews as Victoria Grant and Robert Preston as Carole “Toddy” Todd

Victoria: Ohhh God, I’ll never make it.
Toddy: Now, listen to me. From the beginning we’ve had two major obstacles to overcome….
Victoria: My bosom.
Toddy: …First, to convince everyone that you’re a man. Now, so far we’ve done that….
Victoria: It’s been damned uncomfortable.
Toddy: What has?
Victoria: Strapping down my bosom.
Toddy: …Now, all you’ve gotta do is get out there and show them what a great entertainer you are and you’ll be a star for the next 20 years.
Victoria: Toddy, if I have to strap down my bosom for the next 20 years, they’re going to end up looking like two empty wallets.

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  1. It’s a classic of sorts, and it contains one of Julie Andrews’ finest performances. Just this week it has returned to DVD with this announcement from Warner Archives, and that methinks is a very good thing.

    Love the interchange you’ve selected here of course.

  2. It’s one of my favorite Robert Preston performances too. It’s also fun to see Julie Andrews let her hair down a little bit, so to speak.

  3. (putting on riot gear) I’ve never seen Victor Victoria.

  4. Loved Andrews and Preston in this flick — James Garner deserves mention, as well — and was it Alex Karras who played the gay boy?

  5. Jeanine, you ought to check it out. I think you’d really like it AND it’s streaming on Amazon Prime for free.

    Yes, Alex Karras as the bodyguard. Don’t forget Leslie Anne Down (“Poooooky….”)

  6. This is one of the better cross-dressing movies. Nothing tops Some Like it Hot but this one is really well-done and a ton of fun. Julie Andrews does a great job and both Robert Preston and Leslie Anne Warren steal the show.

  7. Alison, I’m glad you mentioned Leslie Anne Warren — she was great in this film, not to mention other wonderful film and TV roles.

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