After the 1970s, the 1980s were a pretty terrible time for movies, but it was a good time to be a teenager who loved movies, especially movies about teenagers. I’m not talking about junk like Porky’s or Private Resort, but movies about teens who were pissed off. Of course there was the entire career of John Hughes, but in 1983 alone were movies like Valley Girl, The Outsiders, Risky Business, All the Right Moves and Bad Boys.

This week’s Watercooler Musical Interlude is of course from James Foley’s 1984 teen flick Restless starring Aidan Quinn and Daryl Hannah. I probably haven’t seen it in 20 years, but this sequence still sticks out in my mind. Maybe it’s from having seen it on cable 7400 times.

Anyway, there it is. That’s all from my end this week. Now it’s your turn to enlighten us what you’ve been up to the last week or so with movies and/or TV.


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  1. TCM had a couple of Bette Davis movies on yesterday, Another Man’s Poison and A Stolen Life. Her acting in the second one is superb.

  2. I’ve never seen either one of those. It’s one reason why I wish I had cable, because TCM plays stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily think of seeking out and sometimes too they play stuff that isn’t on DVD and is harder to track down.

    No way I’m getting cable though….

  3. I saw American Reunion last week. I liked it more than i should. :S But then again, I didn’t hate on the franchise (2 and 3 sucked, yes) and the nostalgia (mostly the high school reunion deal) sucked me in.

    Finally started to watch Season 5 of Mad Men, which was enjoyable.

    Game of Thrones was fucked up last Sunday night. Loved the final scene a lot.

    In a few days, Avengers premieres here, so I’m definitely watching.

  4. Rodrigo, the thing about comedy is if it makes you laugh, it’s gold and everyone laughs at different stuff.

    How far along are you in Mad Men? The most recent episode (Episode 6) was my favorite in a long time.

    I finally watched the last two episodes of Game of Thrones Season 1 before Season 2 started. I’m really struggling with 2 so far and the last episode especially. I can’t really explain why and I seem to be the only one. I love Tyrion’s stoyy and Arya’s, but the rest aren’t grabbing me much at all. I’d hoped that I’d be watching this season a long enough time after having read the book that it would seem fresher than Season 1 did, but… eh.

    I’m curious about the Avengers even though I’m getting a little tired of superheroes. I like the idea of a group of different personalities forced together and I think Whedon will be good with the snappy ensemble writing.

  5. Craig, I’ve only seen the first two episodes of GoT’s season 2 and they seem to be nicely setting the plate for the meatier stuff ahead. The production values are amazing and it is essential to the storytelling that the world has believable scale and exoticism. I don’t find it among the very top flight of television drama but still get enjoyment out of it. I suspect the story elements are much stronger and more compelling for those who haven’t read the books.

  6. Sartre, i’m hanging my hat on the idea that there is big shit on the horizon though I have a really bad feeling they’re going to go cheap on it like the did on the battle scenes last season. the finale is epic and it’s going to demand a certain scope.

    I was liking season 2 the first couple of episodes, but it’s starting to get muddled. There are already a lot of characters and they’re introducing new ones that weren’t even in the book. The book made it very clear where all the chess pieces were on the board and the big strategic picture was a big part of my enjoyment, but in the show you never know where people are and it’s easy to forget the significance between them.

    Also, every episode seems to have to have a nude scene too. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s becoming kind of a cliche for this show.

    In other show news, as I said above, Mad Men was a high point this week and I’m really loving Girls. Veep was a solid double up the middle. Reminded me of The Thick of It/In the Loop only slowed down a little bit and not QUITE as caustic. In other words, not quite as good, but still enjoyable and plenty of room for growth.

  7. Craig, only saw the first hour broadcasted on cable in my country. I just only started watching Mad Men a couple of months ago when they started showing Season 1 around here. The first time I saw MM was the episode with the lawnmower scene and then it was followed by Pete helping a girl with a dress. Seemed mildly interesting but I knew I had to wait for a moment to get into it. It was worth the watch. Fell in love with Season 1 thanks to Don and Peggy, liked S2, S3 not so much, but S4 was a very nice improvement with how they showcased Don as a flawed man and the Roger-Joan relationship.

    I’m gonna speed up on my Season 5 viewing at some point.

    As for GOT, the budget has increased so we’re not going to get conned like in Season 1 that had the big battle only to see Tyrion KO’ed and then it ended.

    I agree, the introduction of new characters can be dizzy. Athough I’m mostly watching for Tyrion, Arya, Daenerys and Melisandre.

    I wonder if Peter Dinklage should aim for Lead Actor at the Emmys considering he’s getting a bit more of screentime and his presence is huge on the show (maybe not as much as Ned in S1). I’m sure he would be fed to Bryan Cranston without any doubt, but I think Peter’s Tyrion can easily beat the likes of Buscemi (B. Empire), Hall (Dexter), Laurie (House), Hoffman (Luck) and might be even with Damian Lewis (Homeland) and Jon Hamm (Mad Men).

    Haven’t seen Girls yet. But I did like Veep’s pilot.

  8. @Rodrigo, Good to hear that the increase in budget might help show something of the epic battle scene at the end of season 2.

    “Also, every episode seems to have to have a nude scene too. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s becoming kind of a cliche for this show.”

    Nudity and sex in the books never seemed to be presented for the purpose of titillation. It played its part in the unflinchingly grounded-in-reality presentation of a medieval society (with fantastic elements on the periphery) and of authentic adult relationships within it.

    However, its use in the television series almost always strikes me as unnecessarily gratuitous and distracting from the flow of the narrative. It also seems out of context because the uniformly beautiful, slim, and unblemished women fleetingly offered up as eye-candy seem out of place within a gritty medieval reality where many are deformed or evidence mutilation or the ravishes of disease – even among the ruling class where knights return from battle scarred and missing limbs or suffering illness associated with campaign conditions. At times the formulaic use of sex for titillation in the show can seem like the far softer-porn equivalent of the grating sex scene inserts in the Caligula movie.

  9. O wait, here is a promo featuring the genius behind the show’s use of sex and nudity:

  10. I have been extremely busy with the Tribeca Film Festival since Thursday, and as of last night have seen 15 films, with 10 more lined up through Saturday when the schedule proper concludes.

    The most powerful film so far is a Canadian film titled WAR WITCH, which literally came out of nowhere. It’s about a pregnant girl who survives through violent trial and tribulation in war-torn Congo and her own reflections conveyed in subtitled narration. The images are searing, the framing exquisite.

    The other four worth mentioning here are:

    CHICKEN WITH PLUMS with Matthew Almaric
    TAKE THIS WALTZ (Sarah Polley directing with Michelle Williams and Seth Rogan)
    POLISSE (often electrifying French police thriller)
    SLEEPLESS NIGHT (Another buffo French thriller with a stunning central chase, available on demand)

    Two films were utterly forgettable to me:

    FRANCOPRENIA (documentary on Franco) Ugh.

  11. I had the honor of seeing CHICKEN WITH PLUMS last night with Bob Clark, who will also be on hand with me tonight for WAGNER’S DREAM, a documentary about the Metropolitan Opera’s staging of their latest Ring Cycle. It’s one of the features I have looked forward to from the start of the festival.

  12. Rodrigo, that’s good news. It was regrettable but forgivable in Season 1 where even the book kind of glided over the battle scenes, but #2 demands epic action!

    Peggy and Roger are my fav Mad Men characters. Peggy had a particularly strong episode this week (and so did Roger for that matter, though his segment on his own was my least favorite of the three). I’ve even grown to “enjoy” Pete Campbell who I HATED in season one. Some characters you enjoy disliking, but i just wanted to see Pete run over by a garbage truck. He’s still an ass, but he’s somehow kind of a sympathetic one.

    Haha, Sartre. At last! An explanation!

    Sam, how was the Sarah Polley film? it’s gotten some wildly mixed reviews, but I’ve been looking forward to it.

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