Gidget (1959) Directed by Paul Wendkos
Sandra Dee as Francie “Gidget” Lawrence and Mary LaRoche as Mrs. Dorothy Lawrence.

Francie: Do you find that there’s anything… weird about me?
Mrs. Lawrence: Francie!
Francie: Mommy, gee, I’m serious! Here I am almost 17, the same age as Nan and the rest of them. Why don’t I like dates?
Mrs. Lawrence: Darling, you like boys, don’t you?
Francie: Well, sure. Well, boys are the most fun, but… well… I mean I just can’t stand it when they start smooching and pawing and… well, level with me mom. Doesn’t that kind of stuff make your skin crawl?

2 Responses to “Gidget (1959) – Sandra Dee’s 70th Birthday”

  1. Baby boomers especially will fondly remember this time capsule, and the camp dialogue within.

  2. I’d never seen it before to be honest and I was kind of surprised at how charming it was. Silly and campy, yes, but sweet and kind of funny too.

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