Broadway Danny Rose (1984) Written and directed by Woody Allen.
Woody Allen as Danny Rose and Mia Farrow as Tina Vitale.

Tina: You know what turns me on?
Danny: No.
Tina: Intellectual.
Danny: Really?
Tina: I mean, I’m not just saying this to make you feel good or anything. You’re a smooth talker.
Danny: Yeah?
Tina: Angelina once even predicted I would marry a Jew.
Danny: Did she happen to say which Jew?

3 Responses to “Broadway Danny Rose (1984)”

  1. this is a classic

  2. Still a pleasure more than 25 years later.

  3. It’s the next to last movie that Gordon Willis shot for Allen, isn’t it? I mean, it feels like it’s his very last, being in that classic Willis B-&-W, and as such is kinda the last Woody Allen movie that actually looks and feels like it’s a movie, and not just something shot for television, which is how I see everything following “Hannah and her Sisters” (a movie I like okay, but not for how it looks). Even the black and white movies he did in the 90’s don’t really have the same snap to them. Shame.

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