Goodbye, Columbus (1969) Directed by Larry Peerce
Jack Klugman as Mr. Ben Patimkin

Mr Patimkin: You kids. The way you look at us while we’re out batting our brains out trying to make a living. Like we’re a bunch of freaks and you’re something special. Let me tell you something. When I was your age, I felt exactly like you do.

2 Responses to “#1. Goodbye, Columbus (1969) – Happy 90th Birthday, Jack Klugman”

  1. Klugman’s ODD COUBLE gig of course will always overshadow everything else, but here at least we have an alternate transcription.

  2. I’d add Quincy on top of Oscar Madison, but yeah it’s easy to forget Klugman was even in movies. I could’ve gone for 12 Angry Men, but I already quoted that a few months back so I had to dig this one up.

    It surprisingly holds up very well and in a number of ways I think it even outshines The Graduate. I think it’s the first film I’ve seen where I really liked Ali MacGraw.

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