(1963) Directed and co-written by Federico Fellini
Anouk Aimee as Luisa Anselmi and Marcello Mastroianni as Guido Anselmi (not pictured)

(in Italian)
Luisa: Go ahead. Make your movie.
Guido : No, I won’t.
Luisa: Indulge yourself. Stroke your ego.
Guido: No, no, no…
Luisa: Go make everyone think you’re so wonderful. What could you ever teach strangers when you can’t even tell the simplest truth to the ones closest to you? To the one who’s been growing old with you?

4 Responses to “#2. 8½ (1963) – Happy 80th Birthday, Anouk Aimee”

  1. Well, this will always be seen as an unforgettable performance in one of the greatest cinematic masterpiece by a prime purveyor of the form.

  2. I wish that I was able to do more foreign films with MQotD, but they tend to lose something in the translation. I was left with no choice for Aimee’s birthday though so maybe I’ll do more in the future.

  3. Luisa Anselmi was the character I was rooting for in 8 1/2, being one of the people who can bring Guido to the ground. And she was such a fox in La Dolce Vita too. What a versatile actress.

  4. With this scene especially. Fellini is really popping his own bubble. It’s hard not to want to be Guido in spite of his problems because he’s so goddamn charming and handsome and successful, but Luisa really exposes the lie in this scene and reduces him to about 6 inches tall.

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