What’s Up Doc? (1950) Story by Warren Foster. Directed by Robert McKimson
Bugs Bunny voiced by Mel Blanc.

Bugs Bunny (singing): Mehhhhhh, what’s up, Doc?
What’s cookin’?
What’s up, Doc?
Are ya lookin’
For Bugs Bunny Bunting?
Ducky’s gone a-hunting
Just to get a rabbit skin,
But now the rabbit’s gone again.
What’s up, Doc?
What’s cookin’?
Look out!
You’re gonna hurt someone
With that old shotgun.
Ehhh, what’s up, Dooooc?

4 Responses to “What’s Up Doc? (1950)”

  1. Animated icons in one of the form’s most rightly celebrated shorts.

  2. Seemed like an appropriate choice since I did the Bogdanovich film earlier in the week. A classic.

  3. You posted a great Bugs Bunny quote on my birthday and I almost missed it!

  4. Bugs Bunny sang just for you! Happy belated birthday, Alison!

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