Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) Directed by Francis Ford Coppola
Kathleen Turner as Peggy Sue and Catherine Hicks as Carol Heath (not pictured)

Carol: You know, I always thought that you and Charlie had a really great marriage.
Peggy Sue: Oh, I think we did. We just got married too young and ended up blaming each other for all the things we missed.

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  1. I had a big crush on Kathleen Turner and this film when it first released back in the days, and remember listing it among the year’s ten best films. It’s a wistful and elegiac piece that exudes the right tone. The little snippet of dialogue you provide above actually captures teh film’s spirit perfectly.

    I even liked Nicholas Cage here, which is never a given.

  2. This movie came out the year I graduate from high school. It’s a whole other experience watching it exactly 25 years later on the verge of my own 25th high school reunion (which I’m skipping).

    It easily resonates more now than it did back then, but I love how it never gets overly sentimental about the past.

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