Heaven Can Wait (1943) Directed by Ernst Lubitsch
Don Ameche as Henry Van Cleve and Gene Tierney as Martha Strable

Henry: Martha, do you love me?
Martha: Well I hardly know you.
Henry: You don’t need to know anything when you love. Love needs no introduction. You love or you don’t love.
Martha: You’re mad. You don’t know what you’re saying. You must be out of your mind.
Henry: Do you love me or don’t you?
Martha: Trying to take away the fiancée of your own cousin. Causing a family scandal!
Henry: Do you love me?
Martha: …Yes.
(they kiss)
: Oh. Oh, why did you ever come into my life?
Henry: To make you happy. To hold you in my arms forever.
Martha: I’ll never be able to look my father in the face. I’ll never be able to go back to Kansas again.
Henry: Isn’t it wonderful?

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