Gaslight (1944) Directed by George Cukor.
Dame May Whitty as Miss Thwaites and Ingrid Bergman as Paula Alquist Anton.

Miss Thwaites (reading): Oh. Oh! Oh!! Oh my goodness! Oh good gracious! Oh, it’s so exciting.
Paula: Your book?
Miss Thwaites: Yes. It’s all about a girl who marries a man and, what do you think? He’s got six wives buried in the cellar!
Paula: That seems a lot.
Miss Thwaites: Yes and I’m only on page two hundred so I’m sure there’s still more to come. It’s a wonderful book!
Paula: Oh, it sounds like it’s a little gruesome.
Miss Thwaites: Yes, well, I’m afraid I enjoy a good murder now and then. My brother always calls me Bloodthirsty Bessie… Have a biscuit, dear.

5 Responses to “Gaslight (1944)”

  1. The more I watch Gaslight the more I think it should have been called Dim Bulb. Bergman’s Paula is annoying in it. It’s funny that she says six wives buried in the cellar “seems a lot”, as if three or four might somehow be reasonable. On the other hand, Angela Lansbury and Dame May Witty were awfully fun in this movie!

  2. Six seems a lot, but May is hoping for more!

  3. Angela Lansbury is knock-out great in this movie. She’s one of my favorites, as many people know.

  4. She was but a lass of 17 in this, her first movie.

  5. Bergman made the character’s hysteria believable. I enjoy this film. Lansbury is the grandest of icings on the cake.

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