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  1. If among this year’s nominees are Anderson, Spielberg, DDL, Hoffman and Phoenix, this will be my favorite Oscars ever!!

  2. I’ve been trying to sort of ignore this movie, acting indifferent, not reading too much about it, because i want to be fresh and new when I see it, but I couldn’t resist watching this. I can’t pretend to be indifferent anymore. This is probably my #1 most anticipated movie of 2012 right now.

  3. I was aware that PTA had something in the works, but this trailer doesn’t job my memory. Looking forward to it. Phoenix cleaned up okay.

  4. I was going to avoid this too, because teasers are usually pointless, but now I am very, very interested.

  5. Cool trailer! I really like the increasingly craggy character of Phoenix’s face as he ages. It’s a great storefront for his acting and the seeming complexity and edginess of his inner life.

  6. I can’t really pin down what it was that grabbed me about it. It was the perfect tease for me though because it gave me a taste without really leaving me too much of an idea what it’s all about.

  7. This looks interesting, if nothing remotely resembling the talk about it (while not disproving it, either). If it’s half as good as TWWB was, it’ll easily be one of the best films of the year. And if not– well, at least it seems he got all the bullshit of his “Magnolia” years well behind him.

  8. Now that GRAVITY has been moved to 2013, this and DJANGO UNCHAINED are at the top of my anticipation-o-meter. So why am I avoiding watching the teaser? Because now that I’m seeing fewer movies than I once did it’s easier for me to see something fresh, so I’ll try to do so whenever possible.

  9. I wasn’t particularly interested in a scientology movie, but the trailer has piqued my interest. The navel-gazing weirdness of his I’m Still Here episode aside, I really do like Joaquin Phoenix and this looks like it could be a great performance.

    I haven’t read much about this on the blogs, but: How awesome a year is this shaping up to be for Megan Ellison? All five of her productions are arguably in the Oscar horse race, all five of them already have U.S. distribution (if I’m not mistaken) and at least at first glance all five of them have the potential to be great films regardless of their commercial or critical prospects. I don’t like to give one woman so much credit, but she seems to be breathing life into an otherwise ho-hum year at the cinema.

  10. Paul, it’s a good goal. There’s something about seeing a movie when you haven’t been beaten to death with images and script synopses and clips and trailers and casting news etc. etc. There’s a magic to it, especially if it’s a movie like this you’re looking forward to. Of course, being online it’s almost impossible to pull off, but it’s always fun to try.

    WJ, I’ve been resisting the idea that this is “The Scientology Movie” which is a tag it got based on readings of an early script. Supposedly Anderson has tried to distance himself from that idea too and I’m glad. If it’s something that specific, it’d be much less interesting than something more general and that’s not even counting all the baggage that comes with Scientology.

    Having loved I’m Still Here (and Two Lovers before it), I’m really excited to see what Phoenix does next and this glimpse is very promising.

    I love that Ellison is taking her money and throwing it at interesting things.

  11. Yeah, I thought it was a good goal too- for about a day and a half. Eventually my curiosity won out. Really intriguing teaser, and thank goodness it reveals almost nothing about the movie. I was a little distracted by Joaquin’s Henry Rollins-esque appearance the first time around, but I’m glad to see him acting again.

  12. After this teaser, I’m going to try and avoid watching/seeing any further trailers or clips. I actually think it improves upon something like this to go in as fresh as possible, at least for me. I couldn’t resist the urge to watch the teaser, but now that my appetite is whetted I’m holding out for the main course.

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