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  1. It’s shaping up as the best Craig Bond!!

  2. It’s definitely continuing in a darker direction. It has a lot of potential.

  3. Interesting how it and The Master kinda open with a similar situation – the lead character being interviewed/interrogated across a table in a clinically spartan environment.

  4. …and yet, having watched The Master first, this felt like it couldn’t possibly compete for my attentions. Don’t even get me started on Anchorman 2 which also came out today.

  5. Nice to see an original Bond movie that’s named after an actual thing, rather than just a blank platitude. And nice to see a trailer for a Sam Mendes movie that looks worth seeing, again.

  6. What possible difference does the meaning of the name have? Both of the Craig Bonds had names relating to actual things. One movie people liked and the other one they didn’t.

  7. They had to stretch things a bit to make “Quantum of Solace” have anything to do with the story of its movie, and justify giving it one of the last decent Fleming titles. And granted, it doesn’t really make much difference, but I’m just glad the series isn’t falling into all the empty-phrase titles that litter the franchise. Before Craig, the last good Bond film was “GoldenEye”, followed by a string of movies as forgettable as their names. Granted, that’s more a fault of the films themselves, and there were good Bond flicks in the past that didn’t really refer to anything super-specific to the plot, but having a new film go back to something concrete at least shows they’re taking this one a bit more seriously.

    Any rate, I liked “Quantum”, even with the dumb title. So whatever.

  8. “having a new film go back to something concrete at least shows they’re taking this one a bit more seriously.”

    Because I’m a masochist, I can’t resist stating the obvious here, but that statement is nonsense which isn’t even rooted in basic logic.

  9. Alright, translation. It doesn’t sound like a title from the crap era of Roger Moore. Less of that, the better.

  10. That actually makes less sense than what your original comment literally meant if you consider that many non-Moore films have utterly stupid titles, but at least you finally just said what you were trying to not say with that contorted logic.

  11. All the titles of all the Roger Moore movies came from the titles of novels or stories written by Ian Fleming whether or not they had anything to do with said novel or story, so again, your theory that the quality of a James Bond film having anything to do with the title, let alone whether that title is something concrete in the film itself, is absurd.

    Please feel free to continue making new words in the shape of arguments though because this is kind of amusing.

  12. Craig, that’s not even remotely what my argument was, if you read what I said before. There’ve been good and bad films in the series with bad titles, and vice versa. Still, it’s cool to see that EON isn’t just making up a lame imitation of a typical Bond-title as they were throughout the Brosnan years, for the first film since “Tomorrow Never Dies” that isn’t explicitly tied to Fleming in some way (“GoldenEye” at least took the name of his vacation home). God forbid someone try and have some fun talking about Bond.

  13. I don’t know if you took a blow to the head or maybe you just have a memory disorder, but at this site there have been numerous long and detailed discussions about Bond, Fleming, the Bond films, the soundtracks, the Bond cars, the actors in the Bond films, the Fleming novels, etc etc etc etc. Just because you’re talking nonsense doesn’t mean anyone is pissing on your Bond parade, Bob. They are pissing on your nonsense.

  14. It’s not remotely what your argument was, it’s actually EXACTLY what your argument was. You backtracked to a point, but you still couldn’t let go of the title/quality connection and you’re still doing it.

    Barbara Broccoli, daughter of original producer Albert Broccoli, has been involved with the series since The Spy Who Loved Me in 1976 and has basically been in charge after her father died… all through the Brosnan films. She has much more to do with the films good and bad than the title.

  15. A good Bond title doesn’t have to necessarily literally comment on the action, if anything the more outlandish titles more accurarely reflect the series’ governing, or once governing raison d’être, which is to offer audiences a yummy, porny vicarious vacation otherwise out of their financial and physical leagues.

    I thought “Quantum of Solace” was a wonderful title for a Bond film. The movie itself, on the other hand, wasn’t much save for that fantastic opera sequence that explains, yes, the title of the film.

    Guys, you need to fret less over Bob’s the-glass-is-always-half-empty-except-when-its-anything-involving-George-Lucas shtick. If I recall, there have been threads where he’s openly conceded that he’s just fucking with you 2/3rds of the time.

  16. They should just rework the old titles, e.g. Never Say Tomorrow Never Dies, To Kill Another Day Is Not Enough, Goldenpussy.

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