Witness to Murder (1954) Directed by Roy Rowland.
Harry Tyler as Charlie, Jesse White as Sgt. Eddie Vincent, Gary Merrill as Lt. Lawrence Mathews and George Sanders as Albert Richter

Richter: Well, I suppose I’m unnerved. I’m not used to being accused of murder.
Sgt. Vincent (after searching the bedroom): No corpses!
Richter: It’d be very embarrassing for me if there had been!
Lt. Mathews: Well, I’m glad there weren’t. Murder gets so complicated.
Sgt. Vincent: Nothin’ but red tape with us in the middle.
Richter: Yes. In that case, I’m even more delighted.
Lt. Mathews: Well, I guess that covers it. Sorry to have troubled you, Mr. Richter
Richter: No, no trouble at all. Could I offer you a drink before you go?
Lt. Mathews: No, thanks. We’d better be off.
Sgt. Vincent: Next time you kill somebody, pull your shades down.

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  1. I think if i were going to be murdered by someone, I’d like it to be one of Geoge Sanders’ characters. There would surely be some clever dialogue before my demise and his last comment would likely be a zinger.

  2. George doesn’t even get the best lines in this scene, he’s upstaged by the Maytag Man, but he still rules

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