I guess if I’d seriously sat down to imagine what a Baz Luhrmann Gatsby would look like, it would look a lot like this. I just haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or bad.

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4 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio in Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby””

  1. I don’t know, maybe it’s just this trailer, but it feels like Luhrmann is doing his level-best to ape everything Scorsese has done in the last 10 years. I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing.

    I’m genuinely curious to see how he implements the 3D, but I was hoping for a film that wasn’t really his style.

  2. I’m not a Luhrmann fan and I’m unsure that Gatsby is a good fit with his love of spectacle and broad brush strokes storytelling.

  3. I have the same concerns about Luhrmann as when I first heard he was adapting this, but I’m also totally sold on seeing this in theaters. It could be a masterpiece or a disaster, but it looks entertaining at very least (a very ’20s sentiment, that one).

    I still think Mulligan is a hair too young and fresh for Daisy, Tobey Maguire–despite his perpetual youth–is a hair too old for Nick and DiCaprio is a hair too dour for Gatsby. Interestingly, Edgerton looks pretty spot-on with my image of Tom Buchanan. Beyond that, the CG looks ridiculously over the top and I’m ambivalent toward the use of modern music, at least in the trailer.

    However, I do like that Luhrmann forwent the usual sepia tones and washed out colors. That kind of freshness gives me hope.

  4. Whether it’s great or terrible, I have a feeling it’s going to sharply divide people. Traditionalists are sure to hate it.

    On one hand, I’m just not sure it’s something I need to see, but on the other hand, the book isn’t going anywhere (nor the Redford/Farrow movie for that matter) so if you’re going to adapt it, why not go nuts?

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