Anatomy of a Murder (1959) Directed by Otto Preminger
Arthur O’Connell as Parnell Emmett McCarthy and James Stewart as Paul Biegler.

Parnell: You fought this soldier all by yourself. You been drinkin’ alone, Paulie. I don’t like that.
Paul: Drop the stone, counselor. You live in a glass house.
Parnell: My windows have been busted a long time ago, so I can say as I please.

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  1. One of the greatest trial movies ever made, near the top of any short list of Preminger’s finest films (with LAURA, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM, ADVISE AND CONSENT, BONJOUR TRISTESSE, CARMEN JONES, PORGY AND BESS and BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING) and one of the most renowned films of the 60’s in any genre.

    Stewart and O’Connell (shown above in dialogue) of course are marvelous as are Scott, Remick, Gazzara and Arden.

    This is yet another film you have featured in the past weeks in this series that boasts a spectacular score, a jazz-infused composition by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.

    I believe this is the only Preminger-directed film to win a Best Picture nomination, for whatever it’s worth.

  2. A lot of times films have a reputation for being classics but you watch them today and it’s hard to appreciate them out of the context of when they came out. With Anatomy, it’s vibrant and exciting even by today’s different standards and then when you consider it’s almost 60 years old, it’s quite amazing. Even for a relatively talky and staid courtroom drama, this film has an energy to it that you’d associate with the New Wave which hadn’t taken hold yet.

    LOVE the Duke Ellington score and loved his cameo at the piano.

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