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  1. Well, I’d hardly propose this as a life-affirming trailer, and there has been quite a bit of ridicule aimed at Russell Crow, but Tom Hooper is fresh of his The King’s Speech success, and Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and Helena Bonham Carter are always of prime interest, so we have reason to be optimistic. The novel is my personal favorite of all-time, and we have had two superlative film versions, one the 1933-1934 French epic by Raymond Bernard, and then the abidged but still compelling 1936 Hollywood version that stars Frederic March and Charles Laughton.

    The 1998 version by Bille August and starring Liam Neeson is a mixed bag, methinks.

  2. I’ve never seen the musical on which this is based so I’m not really sure what to take from the trailer. Off hand it doesn’t instantly look like my cup of tea, but I’m curious about the cast, even Crowe

  3. I too have not seen the original Broadway musical but judging from the trailer it looks like its going to be pretty exciting, especially those visuals, holy wow.

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