A Room with a View (1985) Directed by James Ivory
Helena Bonham-Carter as Lucy Honeychurch, Denholm Elliott as Mr. Emerson and Patrick Godfrey as The Reverend Mr. Eager (not pictured)

The Reverend Mr. Eager: Remember the facts about this church of Santa Croce, how it was built by faith in the full fervor of medievalism…
Mr. Emerson
: Built by faith indeed. That simply means the workers weren’t paid properly!

4 Responses to “A Room with a View (1985) – Denholm Elliott’s 90th Birthday”

  1. This is indeed Elliott’s most celebrated role as Emerson in one of Merchant & Ivory’s most beautiful films. As it is the esteemed British thespian passed on at age 70 after a distingished career that included turns as John Jarndyce in the 1985 mini-series of Dickens’ BLEAK HOUSE, as Coleman, Dan Akroyd’s butler in TRADING PLACES, as Doctor Barry in Merchant & Ivory’s exquisite MAURICE, and as Howard the French teacher in Woody Allen’s SEPTEMBER.

    I adore A ROOM WITH A VIEW.

  2. I was tempted to go with Trading Places, but it just seemed wrong not to do A Room with a View.

  3. This is a stunning film in every way. Elliott is terrific and I loved Helena Bonham-Carter in it, too.

    And early DDL.

  4. Count me among the Denholm Elliott and RwaV fans.

    At one point in the film there is a montage of shots of statues in one of the main piazza’s. When I was in Florence I found each one and took photos that mimicked the angles of the shots in the film. I think the film’s score was playing in my head throughout the time I spent in the old part of the city.

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