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  1. This is basically the only big studio film I’m interested in this Summer after The Avengers (sorry, Ridley and Chris, not that I won’t be seeing your films). I only watched about 40% of this trailer, but I’m still enthused. Had to stop when I realized it was basically the cliff notes for the film.

  2. I enjoyed the Bourne films but three feels like enough and the series has a definite formula. Not saying it won’t be a well-made and effective film but the concept has run out of steam for me

    I’m really looking forward to Prometheus. It might just be the first film my wife and I see in the cinema since the birth of our daughter and my second 3D experience since the format’s revival.

  3. I didn’t really find the films to be a trilogy so much as a first film and two sequels. The idea of introducing new characters into Treadwell seems obvious to me, and Renner is a great choice to take that on. I’m not sure if putting his character in the same sort of jeopardy as the original Bourne will hold steam, but the teaser showed promise. Honestly I’d rather watch something like this than more Bond films. But most importantly I just like Renner.

    We’ll see what Prometheus and Dark Knight Returns have to offer, but I’m skeptical of both for similar reasons.

  4. I agree Joel, Renner is a very fine actor and well-cast for this type of thinking action man role. I’d also prefer to sit through a Bourne movie than a Bond one. I was genuinely engaged and excited by the re-invigoration of the Bond franchise with Casino Royale, which made the weak follow-up all the more disappointing.

    I’m not at all excited by Dark Knight Returns even though I loved The Dark Knight and I’m a Nolan fan. I know you and Craig are skeptical about Prometheus – hope you’re both pleasantly surprised. I’m not expecting it to wow me like Alien and Blade Runner, but I hope for a well-made and intelligent SciFi movie and I’m curious to see what Ridley can do with the 3D format.

  5. Just caught the early reviews for Prometheus. Mostly positive but with qualifications. I really like what I’m reading – particularly because I don’t expect it to be a SciFi classic. Irritatingly unfavorable comparisons keep being made to Alien as if that is the standard Prometheus has to live up.

  6. Scott making anything remotely connected to Alien is going to draw a comparison, which is entirely fair really. If he’s going to kick the dust off one of his classics (for any reason really), then folks are going to compare them, even if the two have little to do with each other. From what I’ve seen in the trailers, it appears they have a lot to do with each other, so it seems reasonable to me.

    I’ve seen a small smattering of reviews that are all over the board (incredibly negative to positive), so I will wait for later this week when a consensus will be more clear. But I’ll be happy to judge it for myself, regardless of the majority opinion.

  7. It’s 79% fresh based on 42 reviews (33 fresh, 9 rotten) at Rotten Tomatoes.

  8. Haha, I love how this turned into more comments about Prometheus than about Bourne. For my money, I am very much looking forward to the Bourne reboot. If a Spiderman reboot can be a smash hit after just 5 years in the can, then so can Bourne.

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