The Parallax View (1974) Directed by Alan J. Pakula.
Hume Cronyn as Bill Rintels and Warren Beatty as Joe Frady

Bill: You’re supposed to be dead. Goddamnit. You could’ve called me.
Joe: I was scared shitless they’d think I was still alive.
Bill: You mean nobody knows?
Joe: Nobody but you. Hey Bill, what’s that?
Bill: Tomorrow’s lead. I’m demanding a reopening of the Carroll investigation. (pulls out a phonebook)
Joe: Who’re you calling?
Bill: The police. The FBI. The CIA. Somebody.
Joe: Bill… don’t do it.
Bill: You suggesting they’re involved?
Joe: Nope.
Bill: Or that they covered up on their original investigation?
Joe: Well, there is a natural bureaucratic tendency to cover up mistakes, but beyond that I got no reason to think any governmental agency was in on it… or if they were that they knew that they were in on it. If you want to use the FBI or the CIA, you don’t have to infiltrate the whole agency to do it. At first I thought these killings were related only to the Carroll assassination. It’s much bigger than that. Whoever’s behind this is in the business of recruiting assassins.
Bill: Recruiting assassins.
Joe: I think I got some of their entrance exams. If I’m right, I’m gonna enlist. If you print anything now, I’ll be exposed.
Bill: You’re telling me that you alone can uncover what all these agencies couldn’t?
Joe: Maybe. I’m just asking you not to print anything or talk about this ’til I get more specific evidence. If you do, you’ll just blow my chance to find out who’s behind it.
Bill: What do you expect me to print?
Joe: My obituary. I want to predate a will, I want to name you as executor, something informal. I’d like you to go out to my motel, pick up my things and give them to the Salvation Army or whatever, but make a big show out of it. I’m dead, Bill… and I just want to stay that way for awhile.

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