Bullets Over Broadway (1994) Written and directed by Woody Allen.
John Cusack as David Shayne and Dianne Wiest as Helen Sinclair

Helen: Well, what are we going to do about that canine loving ingénue? Did you cast her because you thought she was attractive?
David: Well, she’s pretty, but more importantly she has a certain… perkiness that the character requires.
Helen: Mmm, she’s perky alright. She makes you want to sneak up behind her with a pillow and suffocate her.
David: This is a beautiful apartment, Helen…
Helen: Josette? My beaker of martinis?
David: …Your taste is exquisite.
Helen: My taste is superb. My eyes are exquisite.
David: What justifiable compliments.
Helen: I think at some point you’re going to have to fire Olive.
David: I’m afraid that’s not possible.
Helen: Ugh. How can you take her butchering your poetry? I know I couldn’t stand it. Besides, no one in his right mind’s going to believe she’s a doctor – not even a veterinarian.
David: I understand, but it’s a compromise that I have to live with and, uh, if I want the play to open I have to find a way to live with it. I plan on reducing the scope of her role if her bodyguard will let me and its…
Helen: Oh! Can you believe that character? Imagine traveling with your own private Neanderthal.

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