Play Misty for Me (1971) Directed by Clint Eastwood.
Clint Eastwood as Dave Garver and Jessica Walter as Evelyn Draper (not pictured).

Dave: “Men have destroyed the roads of wonder,
And their cities squat like black toads
In the orchards of life.
Nothing is clean, or real, or as a girl,
Naked to love, or be a man with.”
This is Dave Garver with a little verse, a little talk and five hours of music to be very, very nice to each other by.
(Answers phone) KRML. Dave Garvy speaking.
Evelyn (a voice on the phone): Hello.
Dave: Hi. What’ll it be?
Evelyn: Play “Misty” for me.
Dave: “Misty,” huh? We have that right on a play rack. Thanks for calling.

2 Responses to “Play Misty for Me (1971)”

  1. (back of hand on forehead) Be still, my heart!

  2. Weird that Jessica Walter wound up the boozy mom on Arrested Development and the voice of the boozy mom on Archer!

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