I’m getting ready to head downtown and wind up this year’s LA Film Festival with the world premiere of Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike so my end of this week’s Watercooler will once again be brief.

This edition’s Musical Movie Interlude is the theme song from Dirty Harry by the great Lalo Schifrin. This is just one of many movie and TV scores by Schifrin whose filmography includes Mission: Impossible, Bullitt, The Cincinnati Kid, Kelly’s Heroes and Enter the Dragon.

That’s all from here. Now it’s your turn. Has anyone seen anything worth talking about since last time?

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  1. Yes, Schifrin is great indeed, and I particularly love his work on ANNO DOMINI and TX 1138, though the choice you make here is quite good as well. And some of those other scores you name would be on any Schifrin shortlist!

    The Film Forum’s three-week ‘Spaghetti Western Festival” concluded this past Thursday, but not before Yours Truly and family members took in six more features to bring the final total to 21 films seen of the 26 shown. Of the five not seen, two (?A Fistful of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More) ?have been seen several times over the years, leaving only three that have never been seen yet to this point. In any case this was easily one of the most entertaining and essential festivals ever staged at the theatre, and it has led to further investigation. I was happy to receive my copy of Alex Cox’s 10,000 Ways To Die in the mail this week, and have read through the first few chapters. Fascinating stuff!

    With Sammy in tow for all the spaghetti westerns, and Lucille for most, I saw:

    Django Kill **** (Tuesday afternoon) Spaghettis at Film Forum

    Hellbenders **** (Wednesday evening) Spaghettis at Film Forum

    The Big Showdown *** (Wednesday evening) Spaghettis at Film Forum

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ***** (Thursday) Spaghettis at Film Forum

    Death Rides a Horse **** (Thursday) Spaghettis at Film Forum

    Django **** 1/2 (Thursday) Spaghettis at Film Forum

    The Intouchables **** (Friday night) Angelika Film Center

    The French audience pleaser THE INTOUCHABLES is being currently lauded as the second-highest grossing film in French history. The film chronicles the unlikely friendship between a wealthy tetaplegic and a poor young French/Sengalese man who lands a job attending the disabled man in a bizarre twist of circumstances. The film skillfully brings laughter and tears together, and makes some telling insights on personal relationships and self-confidence. The film won the Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix award given to the best film at the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Award for Best Actor to both Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy in 2011. Omar Sy received the César Award for Best Actor on 24 February 2012 for the role of Driss (defeating Jean Dujardin).

    In the U.S., a review published in Variety finds the movie “offensive”, “which flings about the kind of Uncle Tom racism one hopes has permanently exited American screens”. In the film Driss (Omar Sy) is of Senegalese descent. Most French journalists do not understand such an interpretation and highlight the cultural issue that America has with anything linked to ethnicity. I couldn’t agree more on this point.

    The spaghetti western festival ended with some exceptional entries in the genre including Sergio Leone’s masterful THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY, and Sergio Corbucci’s exceptional DJANGO. I am hoping to say more about this unforgettable experience in the near future.

  2. Sam, I’m totally jealous of your Spaghetti Western festival. Caught Django myself for the first time about a year ago and loved it.

    Intouchables was also on my radar, but I haven’t made my way out to see it yet. Omar Sy was in that intolerable Jeunet picture a couple of years ago and he was terrific in it and I look forward to seeing more from him.

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