The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973) Directed by Peter Yates.
Robert Mitchum as Eddie Coyle and Steven Keats as Jackie Brown.

Jackie Brown: I got a thing set up that works pretty good. Dependable stuff that’s not gonna get anybody in trouble. I’m not gonna screw it up just because your people got hot drawers. You’ll have to tell ’em that.
Eddie Coyle: You tell ’em.
Jackie Brown: Look, the stuff will come. What’s the big emergency?
Eddie Coyle: Look, One of the first things I learned is never to ask a man why he’s in a hurry. All you got to know is I told the man that he could depend on me because you told me I could depend on you. Now, one of us is gonna have a big fat problem. Another thing I learned: If anybody’s gonna have a problem, you’re gonna be the one.
Jackie Brown: You finished?
Eddie  Coyle: No, I am not finished. Look, I’m gettin’ old, you hear? I spent most of my life hanging around crummy joints with a buncha punks drinkin’ the beer, eatin’ the hash and the hot dogs and watchin’ the other people go off to Florida while I’m sweatin’ out how I’m gonna pay the plumber. I done time and I stood up, but I can’t take no more chances. Next time, it’s gonna be me goin’ to Florida. Now, you listen. You’re still a kid and you come out and you go around and say, “Look, I’m a man. You can take what I say and it happens. I go through.” Well, you’re learning something too, my friend, and I advise you to learn it right now. When you say that, when you get me out there all by myself on what you say, you better be right there in back of me because when you say it happens, it’s gonna fuckin’ happen. If it don’t, you got your thing caught in a zipper.
Jackie Brown: You know, just…
Eddie Coyle: Now, I don’t want any talk from you or any shit from you. I want ten guns. I want ’em tomorrow night. I’ll be right there with the money, same place where we were before. I’ll be there with the money, you be there with those goddamn guns because if you ain’t… I’ll be lookin’ for ya and I’ll find ya too because I ain’t the only one that’s gonna be lookin’ for ya and we know how to find people.

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