The Naked Jungle (1954) Directed by Byron Haskin
Eleanor Parker as Joanna Leiningen and Charlton Heston as Christopher Leiningen

Leiningen: Do you speak any languages?
Joanna: Aimerais vous parlez en français? Would you like to converse in French?
Leiningen: I don’t speak French. I was merely trying to see if you were everything my brother said you were.
Joanna: Yes, I am exactly as represented! I speak several languages, play the piano, converse intelligently… and have very nice teeth. Would you care to count them? Why, that’s what you do with horses when you buy them, isn’t it? You count their teeth? Fortunately, I have all mine.
Leiningen: You also have a temper.
Joanna: Yes. I know, and you don’t like a woman with a temper, do you?
Leiningen: I don’t mind. I have a temper myself.
Joanna: You surprise me.
Leiningen: You’re very beautiful, intelligent, accomplished… There must be something wrong with you. I’m not that lucky to get a perfect woman just like that out of the grab bag. There’s something wrong somewhere.
Joanna: I thought you didn’t like me! I thought you were disappointed in me. Instead, you’re afraid of me.

3 Responses to “The Naked Jungle (1954) – Happy 90th Birthday, Eleanor Parker”

  1. That broad is trouble with a capital “T”.

  2. She’s great. She totally give Chuckles the whatfor and he’s such an asshole in this he totally has it coming.

  3. And yet for all her greatness in films like CAGED, DETECTIVE STORY and this one, she will always be known to the general public worldwide as Baroness Schraeder in THE SOUND OF MUSIC. She’s a lovely actress, and great to see she’s still going at 90.

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