Day of the Locust (1975) Directed by John Schlesinger from the novel by Nathanael West. Karen Black as Fay Greener and William Atherton as Tod Hackett (not pictured)

Tod: What happened?
Fay: Well, nothing happened. I like you a lot.
Tod: I love you.
Fay: Don’t spoil it.
Tod: I love you.
Fay: Don’t say that!
Tod: It’s true.
Fay: Love’s special.
Tod: Yes, it is.
: Don’t make me hurt you. You’re very kind and clever, (vamping) but I could only let a really rich man love me. I could only love someone criminally handsome. Please try to understand. (Serious) That’s how I am. I’m sorry.

2 Responses to “#4 The Day of the Locust (1975) – Happy 70th Birthday, Karen Black”

  1. Yep another excellent choice. I might edge it to her role as Rayette, Jack Nicolson’s waitress-girlfriend in FIVE EASY PIECES, but either will do.

  2. I’d pick Five Easy Pieces too, but Jack gets most of the best lines in that one and I want to save it for later. I’m doing my best not to repeat movies for at least a yeara.

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