A Face in the Crowd (1957) Directed by Elia Kazan
Andy Griffith as Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes

Lonesome Rhodes (over the radio): Well I think I’ve sung at you enough for one mornin’ so uh, maybe I’ll wind up with a joke? Let’s see, uh… (laughs) Yeah, I got one: Sheriff Big Jeff Best! (laughs) You say that ain’t no joke? Well, the fact he’s runnin’ for mayor strikes me as kinda funny. You know, back in my li’l ol’ town of Riddle, the way we elect fellas to office is we try to figure which fella can best be spared from useful labor. Like, uh, you take, uh, the village halfwit? Now, now, in most places he’s gonna be put on town relief. But, now, in Riddle, why as a economy measure, we make him the dogcatcher. But now, uh, this sheriff o’yours, now o’course I don’t say nothin’ agi’n ‘im, but… if you got any mutts around you want to get rid of, why don’t you just take ’em over to his place to see if he can handle the job?

3 Responses to “A Face in the Crowd (1957) – RIP Andy Griffith”

  1. Ah, I was so deeply saddened to hear this news. This is indeed the greatest film he ever appeared in, and well deserving of this showcase. I liked Ron Howard’s tribute too.


  2. Good post, Craig.

    RIP Mr. Andy Griffith

  3. I was very sad when I heard this news.

    RIP, Mr. Griffith.

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