S.O.B. (1981) Written and directed by Blake Edwards. Julie Andrews as Sally Miles, Robert Preston as Dr. Irving Finegarten and Richard Mulligan as Felix Farmer

Sally: (Laughing) I’m gonna show my boobies! What do you think, Irving? You’ve seen my boobies. Are they worth showing?
Irving: Well, since I can only render an evaluation based on a completely impersonal, purely professional examination of the subject… uh, subjects… I would have to say that, in my humble opinion, you’ve got a terrific pair of knockers.

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  1. THAT, CK, is an awesome QotD! Made me giggle.

  2. Off topic but…happy birthday, Craig! It’s after midnight here but I think I’m still in time there. :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Craig!!!!!

  4. Thanks for remembering, guys! You’re the best!

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