Gotcha! (1985) Directed by Jeff Kanew
Anthony Edwards as Jonathan Moore and Linda Fiorentino as Sasha Banacek

Sasha (with Czech accent): I am twenty-four. How old are you?
Jonathan: I’m, uh, twenty-three.
Sasha: Really?
Jonathan: Yeah.
Sasha: Oh, I would have thought you were about, mmm, eighteen…
Jonathan: Oh, no. No. I’m, I’m twenty-three.
Sasha: I like boys who are seventeen, eighteen. I do not like hairy chests. I like smooth skin and tight eighteen-year-old bodies.
Jonathan: (pause) I’m eighteen.
Sasha: But, you just said…
Jonathan: I, I, I know. I’m sorry. I lied. Look, I, I’ve got a passport here. It says I’m, I’m eighteen. I, I can prove it. I got…
Sasha: It’s not necessary to show papers.
Jonathan: Oh…
Sasha: I believe you.
Jonathan: Stupid, huh?
Sasha: You are a wirgin, yes?
Jonathan: Wirgin? I…
Sasha: A wirgin, um… you’re not yet being with woman?
Jonathan: Virgin!
Sasha: Yes.
Jonathan: Me? Hah, no! Jeez, no. God, I’ve… I’ve been with, you know, thirty, forty… you kind of lose track, kinda…
Sasha: I like, um, virgins. It is so exciting to me to touch boy the way no woman ever touch before. It is a feeling of power.
Jonathan: (pause) I gotta be honest with you. I am a wirgin. I, I uh… I’ve been close a couple of times, but I, I never actually…
Sasha: Then that is second lie, Jonathan. Do not let there be a third.
Jonathan: I would kill or die to make love to you. That’s not a lie.
Sasha: I know.

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