Margaret (2011) Written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan
Anna Paquin as Lisa Cohen and J. Smith-Cameron as her mother Joan (not pictured)

Lisa: Where are you going?
Joan: The opera.
Lisa: Why are you going to the opera?
Joan: Turns out he’s a really big opera fan. Anyway, don’t you think it sounds kinda fun? We should all go sometime.
Lisa: Uh, no thanks.
Joan: Why not? I bet you’d like it.
Lisa: I don’t like that kind of singing.
Joan: What, you like classical music…
Lisa: Yes, that’s true, but I don’t like opera singing.
Joan: But, when have you ever…
Lisa: It’s like their entire reason for existing is to prove how loud they can be. I don’t really find that all that interesting
Joan: Yeah, I know what you mean. But it’s not all like that. You like The Magic Flute
Lisa (sarcastic): Ok. I guess I’m wrong. I guess I do like opera singing. I just didn’t reali­ze it.
Joan: What is the matter with you?
Lisa: Nothing at all! Why are you pushing this? I don’t want to go to the opera!
: Yes! Ok! It’s called an invitation. I’m not pushing anything. All you have to say is “no thanks.”
Lisa: I did and then you were like “why not?” so then I told you and then you started like, debating me like you assume that I’ve never thought this through for myself which I have many times.
Joan: Ok, well that was a really contemptuous assumption on my part. I don’t actually like the opera that much myself, but I’m trying to expand my mind. Maybe that’s wrong.

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