Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Screenplay by Frank Pierson from an article by P.F. Kluge and Thomas Moore. Directed by Sidney Lumet. Al Pacino as Sonny Wortzik and Charles Durning as Det. Sgt. Eugene Moretti

Sgt. Moretti: Come on. Quit while you’re ahead. All you got is attempted robbery.
Sonny: Armed robbery.
Sgt. Moretti: All right, armed then. Nobody’s been hurt. Release the hostages. Nobody’s gonna worry over kidnapping charges. The most you’re gonna get is five years. You’ll get out in one year. Huh?
Sonny: Kiss me, man.
Sgt. Moretti: What?
Sonny: Kiss me. When I’m bein’ fucked, I liked to get kissed a lot

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