Becket (1964) Directed by Peter Glenville.  Peter O’Toole as King Henry II and Sian Phillips as Gwendolen

Henry: I behave like a brute, but I am as soft as swan’s down inside. (Belches) You know, Thomas, sometimes I think that you and I are the only civilized men in England. I eat with a fork and you’ve made me into a man of the most delicate sensibilities. Now, if you really love me, you should find me a beautiful, well-bred girl to give me a little polish. Favor for favor, do you remember?

3 Responses to “Becket (1964) – Happy 80th Birthday, Peter O’Toole!”

  1. I’d wager O’Toole is as surprised as anyone that he’s made it to 80. Has he announced his retirement? Or can we expect to be blessed yet again by his film presence?

  2. Oh — and I”m lamenting the departure of Gore Vidal.

  3. Yes, O’Toole officially announced his retirement just a few weeks ago. Sad, yet inevitable.

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