Wing Chun (1994) Directed by Yuen Woo-ping. Yuen King-tan as Abacus Fong, Michelle Yeoh as Yim Wing Chun and Lee Chi Hung as Wong Hok Chow (not pictured)

(In Cantonese)

Wong Hok Chow: When it comes to martial arts, men are better than women. Women are for making babies. If I win, I shouldn’t even take credit. Wing Chun, after I get through beating you, why don’t you just go home and have babies?
Wing Chun: What a foul mouth!
|Abacus Fong: Your father asked me to keep you away from fighting.
Wing Chun: But my father’s not here.
Wing Chun and Abacus Fong (together): Let’s fight!

2 Responses to “Wing Chun (1994) – Happy 50th Birthday, Michelle Yeoh”

  1. Happy Birthday Michelle Yeoh indeed. I haven’t seen this particular film, but appreciate the worthy dialogue. I remember her well from the excellent CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, and also from MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, a film I liked considerably less.

  2. Her best films are in Cantonese so it wasn’t easy finding a really great quote since the translations are always kind of awkward. Still, this one I think captures a little of her spirit.

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